Cheap Swimsuits

At Bossa Swimwear, our items have 3 qualities: a fashionable design, a high level of quality and the lowest price in the market. With us, you would be able to find discount swim wears that won’t even go beyond the price of $35.


One-piece Swimwear Clearance

$60.95   $28.00

Yellow or Purple Floral One Piece

$46.00   $28.00

Women Sports Bra


Leopard Style Miduo Bikini Clearance

$64.00   $29.00

Blue Wave Miduo Bikini Clearance

$54.00   $29.00

Black and Pink Men's Broad Shorts Clearance

$60.00   $29.00

New Style One Piece Swimsuit

$52.00   $31.00

One Picece Monokini Clearance

$104.00   $31.00

Frilly Long 3 Piece Skirtini Set

$52.00   $31.00

Vector Curls-Print Boy Shorts Tankini

$49.95   $32.00

Gloria One Piece Swimsuit

$58.00   $33.00

Sanibel Bikini with skirted sash

$55.00   $33.00

Sanibel Halter Swimdress

$55.00   $33.00

Cove Springs Swimdress

$55.00   $33.00

Sporty Style Tankini

$51.00   $33.00

New Style One Piece Swimsuit

$56.00   $34.00

One Piece Sporty Madeline Swimsuit

$56.00   $34.00

Sarongs - Matte

$42.00   $35.00

Flanna One Piece Swimwear Clearance

$58.00   $35.00

Coverup -2011 New Style

$80.00   $35.00
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